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Instructional DVD Videos

Fiddling for Beginners - Book and DVD. no experience necessary, fun and easy!

Irish Fiddle, First Lesson DVD - Teaches a jig, reel, hornpipe, slide, and polka.

Old Time Fiddle, First Lesson DVD - Teaches four American Hoedown Tunes.

Banjo, Clawhammer Style, First Lesson - DVD instruction for beginners.

Banjo, Clawhammer Style, Second Lesson DVD - learn 19 tunes, 6 banjo tunings

Complete Clawhammer Banjo Kit , the 2 DVDs above, plus CD and tab book.

Pennywhistle, First Lesson DVD - tin whistle instruction for beginners.

Accordion, Jam Session Style, First Lesson DVD - instruction for beginners.

Piano Accompaniment to Fiddlers, First Lesson DVD - instruction for backup piano.

Celtic Wooden Flute DVD, beginner's instruction - lively Irish tunes taught.

How to Make and Play the Wash Tub Bass - build it, playing tips, includes string.

Music and Dance Reference Books

The Fiddler's Almanac - original fiddling source book, collector's edition with CD.

Folk Musician's Working Guide to Chords, Keys, Scales - all levels, instruments.

Fiddle and Violin Buyer's Guide - Pick out the best violin & bow for your money.

Fiddle Contest Kit - a complete guide to organize and run a fiddle contest.

Chord Encyclopedia for backing up 1400 common fiddle tunes and folk melodies.

Treatise on Construction, Preservation, etc/ of the Violin - reprint of 1828 edition.

Practical History of the Violin - 1911 ed. reprint, 1200 makers, 778 label photos.

From the Ballroom to Hell - humorous book on evils of dancing, reprint of 1894 ed.

Modern Quadrille Call Book and Dancing Master - 60 dances in 1902 ed. reprint.

The Clog Dance Book - an instruction manual for clog dancing, 1921 ed. reprint

Swing Fiddle, an introduction - getting started playing swing and jazz


Odds and Ends

CD and cassette recordings for listening

Fiddling Thomsons - hot twin fiddling, world music, 11 instruments played by duo.

Really Smokin -  Smoke and Mirrors Contra Dance band.

Squeezebox Stompers -  acoustic roots band, blues, cajun, zydeco, and celtic.

Saturday Night Fiddler -  a CD of 13 solo fiddle tunes, reels, jigs, rag time, more.

Flop Eared Mule -  a CD of 19 traditional southern fiddle tunes played solo.

Wood Chopper's Reel - a CD of 17 traditional fiddle tunes played solo.

Barn Dance Tonight! -  a CD of 19 traditional fiddle tunes played solo.

Ryan Thomson, Tune Collector -  fiddle, accordian, banjo, flute, whistle, piano.

Newmarket Duets - a CD with duets between 10 different instruments, 23 tunes!

New Hampshire Hornpipe - a CD of 12 all original celtic fiddle tunes.

Five Miles to Town - a cassette of old time dance style fiddling with string band.

Great Bay Stomp - a CD of 19 old time clawhammer banjo tunes played solo.

Great Bay Stomp - a cassette of 18 old time solo clawhammer banjo tunes.

Crawdad Wranglers Chili!  - a CD of cajun and zydeco dance music.

Crawdad Wranglers Chicken Gumbo - a CD of cajun and zydeco dance music.

Tune books

Banjo Tab Book - 19 clawhammer tunes from the Great Bay Stomp CD.

Dobson's New Sytem for the Banjo - a reprint of the original book from 1877.

Captain Fiddle's Tunes and Variations - Book 1, written music for CDs 2 and 3.

Captain Fiddle's Tunebook 2 - written music for learning tapes/CDs 4 and 5.

Waltzes for Folk Instruments and Country Dancing - 72 waltzes written, with a CD.

Moore's Irish Melodies - selections from 1852 edition, arranged for piano and voice.

Instructional Audio Recordings

Fiddle Learning Tapes or CDs -  designed to "Teach Yourself" tunes by ear.

Pennywhistle For the Beginner - an instructional cassette tape with the basics.

Left Handed Music Making

Playing Violin and Fiddle Left Handed - facts and mythology about lefty playing.

Left Handed Fiddling for Beginners - Book/DVD, Learn fiddling from scratch!

Irish Fiddle, First Lesson, for Left Handed Playing - DVD.

Old Time Fiddle, First Lesson DVD, for lefty playing - 4 american hoedown tunes.

Left Handed Banjo, Clawhammer Style, First Lesson - DVD.

Left Handed Banjo, Clawhammer Style, Second Lesson, DVD - learn 19 tunes.

Complete Left Handed Clawhammer Banjo Kit , 2 DVDs, CD, Banjo tab Book.

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