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Left Handed Banjo First Lesson

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Left Handed Banjo, Clawhammer Style, First Lesson,

with Ryan Thomson - $29.95

DVD Description:

This course by award winning banjo player and

teacher Ryan Thomson is designed for beginners

with no previous experience with claw hammer

style playing. No music reading ability is needed. A

left handed 5 string banjo in standard "G" tuning is

required. Tuning tips are detailed.

Ryan patiently teaches the basics of left handed

clawhammer techniques, sometimes described as

"frailing," "rapping," and "drop thumb." Fingering

techniques such as "pull offs," "hammers," and

"slides," are explained and demonstrated and an

easy tune is taught. 55 minutes. DVD $29.95 ISBN


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From a happy customer - " My son is enjoying your first left handed banjo lesson and I'm

sure once he's learned the first, he'll be wanting your second version lesson." D.T.

also available:

- Left Handed Banjo Clawhammer Style, Second Lesson, DVD. Click here.

- Complete - Learn to play Clawhammer banjo left handed Kit - includes First and Second

lesson DVDs, Banjo Tab Book, Great Bay Stomp solo banjo CD. Click here.

- Great Bay Stomp CD and Banjo Tab Book with 19 tunes. Click here. - Here's a review of

the CD:

"On this release, Ryan puts fiddle and band behind, and lays out 19 tracks of rock solid,

solo, traditional claw hammer banjo...All are played confidently, evenly, and with a

maturity that comes from living with the music over time...The impression this recording

gives is that of Thomson at home, relaxing with familiar tunes, and just having a

comfortable time....Great Bay Stomp CD is a solid, pleasing and highly listenable recording

that stands up well through repeated listening." - The Old-Time Herald

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