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Great Bay Stomp CD

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Great Bay Stomp

Solo Clawhammer Style Old Time Banjo CD by Ryan Thomson $9.95

Ryan plays on a banjo made by George Washburn in the 1800's

Listen to the sound samples below.

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1. Great Bay Stomp by Ryan Thomson 2:12

2. Over




3. Cold




4. Old

Joe Clark


5. Packers Falls by Ryan Thomson 2:59

6. Old Mother Flanigan 2:07

7. Cluck Old Hen 2:08

8. Cripple Creek 1:48

9. Soldier's Joy 2:26

10. Port Largo 2:08

11. Last Chance 3:01

12. Sandy River Bell 2:05

13. Kitchen Gal 3:09

14. Arkansas Traveler 2:06

15. Watch Those Eels by Ryan Thomson 3:42

16. Spotted Pony 2:08

17. Rose Tree 2:41

18. Tilden Park 3:30

19. June Apple 1:57

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Banjo Tab Book, a book of tablature of the tunes on this CD - $12.95, click here.

Book and CD together - $19.95, click here.

Audio cassette of this CD - $12.95, click here.

DVD video course - $59.00, Learn to play clawhammer banjo, click here.

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