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Ryan & Brennish Thomson

Updated Feb 2, 2024

The Fiddler's Almanac

Collector's Edition $29.95, includes a copy of the CD shown below

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1985 edition Fiddler's Almanac by Ryan Thomson
Photo of the hardbound collectors edition of the Fiddler's Almanac by Ryan Thomson.

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This book is now a collector's item. It was written by Ryan J Thomson and published in 1985. The original orange paperback edition as shown here has been hard bound within a premium library grade red cover with a gold stamped spine, and includes a 70 min. 32 tune CD of fiddling by Ryan Thomson with guitar backup by his son Brennish. The book is 138 pages, and 8.5" by 11" in size.

The Almanac contains many illustrations and includes sections on topic such as the history and lore of fiddling, a guide to buying a fiddle and bow, how to learn fiddle by ear or with music, sources and references, fiddle contest information, dance fiddling, descriptions of

160 other books on fiddling, 200 fiddle records reviewed, table of contents, glossary, index, and lots more. Library of Congress #84-73053, ISBN 978-0-931877-00-1, $29.95.

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Wild Boys of Newmarket, Ryan and Brennish Thomson - CD cover

The Wild Boys of Newmarket CD is included with the Fiddler’s Almanac but can be also  purchased separately.

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