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"Course of complete instruction, practical

exercises, selections, and arrangements."

A Five String Banjo Instruction and Tune Book from 1877:

This book is a reprint of the original 1877 Ditson edition

written by George C. Dobson, a professional 5 string banjo

player and composer. In the preface the author describes the

contents as follows:

"Scales, chords, and exercises in each, are fully explained. In

the second part will be found a variey of banjo music, from

the simplest to the most difficult, affording amusement to

the beginner, as well as to the professional."

98 different banjo tunes are written in standard musical

notation. The beginning section includes instruction in

reading musical notes, rhythms, fingering the banjo, string tuning, major scales, and

chords. Most tunes are instrumental only, but there are several songs with words also.

These include: Annie o' the banks of Dee, Wearing of the Green, Flying Trapese, Not for

Joe, Champagne Charlie, Captain Jinks, and Little Maggie May. There is one banjo duet -

Cally Polka. Look below for the full list of banjo tunes in the book:, 8.5" by 11" size, plastic

comb bound to open flat. ISBN 978-0-931877-41-4, $24.95

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List of selections in Dobsons New System for Banjo:

Anderson Jig

Annie o' the banks of Dee

Banderand Polka

Banjo Hard Times

Bell Chimes

Bell Jig

Bolton Clog Hornpipe

Boston Jig

Brake Jig

Buckley's March

Bully for All

Cally Polka

Campbell's Jig

Captain Jinks

Carry me Back


Champagne Charlie

Charlie's Schottische

Chicago Jig

Clark's Waltz

Clifton Fling

Clog Hornpipe (several of these)

Contraband Jig

Copenhagen Waltz

Crow Jig

Daisey Jig

Daisy Polka

Dandy Jim

De old Lame Hoss

Don't You Hear the Bulgine?

Drum Solo

Elwood Waltz

Emmet's Reel

Elfie Waltz

Empire Hornpipe

English Hornpipe

Fancy Hornpipe

Fancy Dance

Flying Trapese

Geraldine Schottische

Harry Waltz

Harvey's Favorite

Hattie Hines Polka

Home Sweet Home


Japanese Grand March

James Buckley Polka

Jennie's Favorite Polka

Jig (two of these)

Katie Elwood Schottische

Kate Kearny Waltz

Kettle Drum Polka

Lake Waltz

Leavitt's Jig

Les Sylphydes Mazourka

Lily Mazourka

Little Maggie May

Louisa Schottische

Mark Jig

Marsellaise Hymn

Maud Polka

Massa's in the Cold Ground

Matthew's Waltz

Minor Jig

Murphy's Jig

Not for Jo

Nickles Jig

Niagra Falls

Octoroon Jig

Pacific Schottische

Peter Rowland's Jig

Pink Waltz

Prices Waltz

Prince's Jig

Rainy Day Waltz

Rapid Jig

Rhine Vine Sharlie

Rory O' More

Roome's Jig

Select Clog Hornpipe

Scotch Reel


The Blue Bells of Scotland

Trick Solo

Tom Chatfield's Jig, 1 and 2

Union Jig

Violet Mazurka

Vilkins and his Dinah

Walk Around

Wearing of the Green

Willie, we Have Missed You

Wild Flower Mazouka

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