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Celtic Flute First Lesson DVD

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Celtic Wooden Flute, First Lesson,

with Ryan Thomson - $29.95

DVD Description:

Ryan Thomson demonstrates breathing and fingering

techniques for those new to celtic flute, including both

beginners and those with experience in other styles of

flute playing(classical, metal flute, etc.) No music reading

ability is needed. A wooden flute(keyless or keyed) in the

standard key of D is required. Simple scales and

ornaments in two octaves are taught along with 5 celtic

(Irish) tunes in all of the major dance styles: jig, reel,

hornpipe, slide, and polka. Tunes include: O'Keefe's Slide,

New Hampshire Hornpipe, Britches Full of Stitches, Silver

Spear, Out on the Ocean.  The DVD is 40 minutes long,

ISBN 978-0-931877-55-1 $29.95

On the Music Samples page you can watch Ryan play Irish flute. Here

you can listen to an audio sample of the original tune - The New

Hampshire Hornpipe, which is taught on the video.

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Also available is an instructional DVD for celtic pennywhistle (tin whistle) Click here.

From a happy customer:

Hello Ryan,

A few years ago my wife bought me a walking stick flute after hearing one played in

colonial Williamsburg by one of their cast members. So I recently bought your DVD Celtic

Wooden Flute to start learning how to play it. Thanks for making the DVD!

D. C.

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