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Ryan & Brennish Thomson

Updated Feb 2, 2024

New Hampshire Hornpipe

12 original celtic melodies, 

Ryan Thomson on fiddle, CD $12.95

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Jigs, reels, a march, and of course, the title tune: The New Hampshire Hornpipe, with accompaniment by bodhran, drums, bass, piano, and guitar.

1. Shake Out the Raincoat 2:58

2. Tally the Profits  2:11

3. March to Culleden 2:54

4. Nana’s Birthday Polka 1:59

5. Dougie’s Delight 2:04

6. Jig for Joe Leary 2:06

7. Trip to Tarrytown 2:02

8. Dark Horse: 2:59

9. The Funky Jig 3:29

10. Brennish Thomson 2:06

11. Octothorpe Reel 2:11

12. New Hampshire Hornpipe 2:21

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Cover image of the New Hampshire Hornpipe CD by Ryan Thomson

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