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Used Folk Instruments

I often have several used instruments for sale at any particular time. My primary

occupation is as a performing musician rather than an instrument dealer, though I'm always

picking up used instruments to loan to students, or to trade towards better instruments

for my personal use.

All instruments listed for sale are in good playing condition:

- Turn of the century high quality student violin in virtually new condition, beautiful

flamed maple back, $1000 , its not a Stradivarius copy, has a slightly different shape. label

says "The Pupil"

- Tenor banjo in good condition, neck is straight, its been played a lot and has moderate

fret wear, simple design with only dots on rose wood finger board, laminated maple rim, 24

brackets, 21 frets, the tuning pegs look metallic like aluminum, 29 inches long, 20.5 inches

from nut to bridge, open back, synthetic Waverly head, no case, label inside says: "Made

Expressly for the Oliver Ditson Company, Boston, New York," stamped into the wood is

"Souza's Make." $225.00

- Titano 120 bass accordion, in perfect playing condition, new bass strap, freshly tuned and

overhauled at a pro accordion shop, with case, "Ideal" model, 15 1/8 inch keyboard, 2 reed

blocks and 3 switches in the treble. $500, plus shipping.

What I'm looking for:

- Left handed violins, I'm more interested in original

left handed instruments rather than ones that have

been converted from a right handed model.

- a 24 or 32 bass accordion

- miscellaneous unusual instruments

I'll also barter instruments for audio, recording, or

Apple Macintosh type computer equipment.


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