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Flop Eared Mule CD

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Traditional southern style square dance fiddle tunes

played solo by Ryan Thomson CD - $9.95

Reviews and response

1. Flop Eared Mule

2. Cripple Creek

3. Dill Pickle Rag

4. Bonaparte's Retreat

5. Cold Frosty Morning

6. Colored Aristocracy

7. Old Joe Clark

8. Rose Tree

9. Suzanna Gal

10. Margaret's Waltz

11. Leather Britches

12. Minneola Rag

13. Over the Waterfall

14. John Henry

15. Old Molly Hare

16. Sugar in the Gourd

17. Wild Horses at Stoney Point

18. Angeline the Baker

19. Hell Amongst the Yearlings

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