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Banjo Tab Book

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Banjo Tab Book, Music from Great Bay Stomp CD


This book by Ryan Thomson includes transcriptions

in tablature form of the 19 tunes on the Great Bay

Stomp CD. Also included is information about the

tunes, illustrations, song lyrics, and tips on playing

claw hammer style. Tunes included are traditional

southern tunes, 2 Irish Kerry polkas, and original


Great Bay Stomp by Ryan Thomson, Over the Waterfall, Cold Frosty Morning, Old Joe Clark,

Packers Falls by Ryan Thomson, Old Mother Flanigan, Cluck Old Hen, Cripple Creek, Soldier's

Joy, Port Largo, Last Chance, Sandy River Bell, Kitchen Gal, Arkansas Traveler, Watch Those

Eels by Ryan Thomson, Spotted Pony, Rose Tree, Tilden Park, June Apple.

52 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", comb bound to open flat, soft cover. ISBN 978-0-931877-29-2, 1999,

Just the Book - $15.95

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The Banjo Tab Book plus the Great Bay Stomp CD. - $19.95

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above, Great Bay Stomp Banjo CD, and the Banjo Tab Book.

From a happy customer:

Dear Mr. Ryan Thomson,

I received your excellent CD named "Great Bay Stomp" and

their Banjo Tab Book today. I received it by perfect safety package.

I have listened your CD soon. I like your clawhammer style very much.

And your tab book is wonderful. I am enjoying your tablature and

very rare pictures on it. Thank you very much. I don't forget your kindness.


Tokyo, Japan

Dear Captain Fiddle,

I'm tired of loaning out my book, so would like to purchase two more: the Great Bay Stomp

banjo tablature....



I've been playing clawhammer banjo for a few years but live in a place where I

can't find a teacher. I bought your Great Bay Stomp cd and book at the Maritime

Folk festival in Portsmouth this October and have been able to learn almost all

the songs. Mostly I just played the CD lots and lots and after a few months the tunes were

pretty familiar and that made it very easy to read the tab and get the sound right. Thanks a

million. It has made playing the banjo a whole world of fun.

D. H.

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