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Teach yourself fiddle by Ryan Thomson - CD 2 Teach yourself fiddle by Ryan Thomson - CD 3 Teach yourself fiddle by Ryan Thomson - CD 4 Teach yourself fiddle by Ryan Thomson - CD 5

Fiddle Learning CDs

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Captain Fiddle's Teach Yourself Learning CDs

celtic, bluegrass, square and contra dance, old time $12.95 each

These 60 minute recordings contain the standard tunes you'll need for the friday night

country dance. Learn fiddle tunes by repeated listening! I present the tunes very slowly

and simply, note by note, and then up to speed with fancier licks. Whether you are a

beginner or an experienced fiddler wanting to learn new tunes, these recordings are for


The style is dance fiddling with jigs, hornpipes, reels, waltzes, bluegrass, and square

dance tunes. Each CD contains both easy and intermediate level tunes. All four recordings

are at a similar difficulty level and each CD contains both easy and intermediate level

tunes. These CDs are designed for learners who can already either play some scales, or a

handful of simple melodies.

They are suitable for both left handed or right handed playing: CD's are $12.95 each. For

learners with NO previous experience playing on a fiddle, I recommend starting with the

Fiddling For Beginners  book and DVD (the DVD replaces CD 1) and then progressing on to

CDs 2,3,4,5.

For the price of two individual CDs you get a free tune book - $24.95 for CDs 4, 5, and Tune

Book 2. (Please note that Tune Book 2 contains written music only for the tunes on CDs 4

and 5. "Tune Book 1" is out of print. and has been replaced by "Captain Fiddle's Tunes and

Variations, Book 1, $24.95 will get you this book plus two CDs - 2 and 3.

CD 2: Road to Boston, 100 pipers, Mairi's Wedding, Soldier's Joy, Tennessee Waltz,Old Molly

Hare, Rose Tree, Cock of the North, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Off She Goes, Over the

Waterfall, Gentle Maiden Waltz, Angeline the Baker, Margaret's Waltz, Dixon County Blues,

My Love is but a Lassie.

CD 3: Old Joe CLark, Arkansas Traveler, Old French, Rory O'Moore, Chorus Jig, Drowsy

Maggie, Bonaparte's Retreat, Turkey in the Straw, Ragtime Annie, La Bastringue, Smash the

Windows, Shibeg Shimore, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Rights of Man Hornpipe, West Fork

Girls, Upic Waltz.

CD 4: Irishman's Heart to the Ladies, Devil's Dream, Leather Britches, Maid Milking the Cow

waltz, Sailor's Hornpipe, Hull's Victory, Swallowtail Jig, Jesusito Lindo, Pipe on the Hob,

Wind that Shakes the Barley, Woodchopper's reel, and Blue Eagle.

CD/ 5: Barlow Knife, Bayou Two-Step, Cielito Lindo Waltz, Drops of Brandy, Fire on the

Mountain, Harvest Home Hornpipe, Liberty, Maid Milking her Cow Waltz, Morpeth Rant,

Morrison's Jig, None such, Opera Reel, Pays de Haut, Spootiskerry, Top of

Cork Road.

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mail payment or to figure foreign shipping costs.

Before CDs became popular we sold these as cassette tapes. We have a good supply of

#2, #3, and #4 cassettes left. Number 5 has sold out. We are offering a set of all 3

cassettes for $13.95 total, or $6.95 each. Contact us if you have an interest in these.

From happy customers:

Hi Captain Fiddle or Ryan,

I have ordered beginner fiddle tapes from you and they helped greatly.  I would be

interested in getting mail and I thank you very much.

My name is H.W. and my address is.....


I have several if not all of your cds. I find them very helpful and very rewarding to learn

something by listening. I am an adult fiddler that just started teaching myself 3 years ago.

Ok so I learned Jesusita Lindo Polka, great song! Fun to play!


Ryan !

I found you on the net a year or so ago, lucky me. I ordered the cd's for learning fiddle, I

was a little premature for your cd's but I'm glad now I have them, so much to learn by my


L. S.

Gallop, New Mexico

Hey Ryan,

I've been playing along with your tapes since November of 2000 and I just went to my first

Fiddle gig and was actually able to play along with my friends.  Thanks so much for the CDs

they have really helped!


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