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Modern Quadrille Call Book

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Modern Quadrille Call Book and Dancing Master* - $24.95

A reprint of the original 1902 edition by A. C. Wirth, a professional dancing master and

teacher. The author describes the contents as


"Containing a full list of calls for all the latest

square dances, including many of the old ones,

with measures of time and steps required. Also a

complete instructor and guide to every known

round dance, figures for the German, etiquette of

the ball room, etc."

Over 55 different dances are described in detail.

This book is a useful reference for both

experienced contra dance callers, and those

interested in learning to call contra dances and

square dances. For those unfamiliar with the term

"quadrille," its just a french word for four couple

arranged in a square formation to dance, in other

words, a "square dance." Look below for the full

list of dances in the book: ISBN 978-0-931877-40-7

8.5" by 11.5", comb bound, $24.95

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List of dances described in Quadrille Call Book:

Plain Quadrille

U.S. Quadrille

Sheldon's Polka Quadrille

Sheldon's Presidential Polka Quadrille

Fairy Queen Quadrille

Varieties Quadrille


Cake Walk Quadrille

New Plain Quadrille

National Quadrille

National Two Step Lancers


Dixie Figure

Girl I left Behind Me

Old Dan Tucker

Money Musk

Waltz Lancers

American National, or Saratoga Lancers

Military Lancers

Columbian Lancers

Oakland Minuet

De Gormo

Waltz Quadrille



Montibello Quadrille

The Cotillion

Spanish Waltz

The Circassian

Sir Roger de Coverly

La Carmencita Waltz

Rye Waltz

Scotch Reel

Round Dances


Berlin Polka

Tres Chic

Wirth Schottische

The York

The Berlin

Heel and Toe Polka


The Schottische

Military Schottische

The Galop

Polka Mazurka


Highland Schottische


Divertissante Waltz

The Mignon

The Valse Minuet

The Varsouviana

Minuet de la Cour


* The original front cover states the title as: Modern Quadrille Call Book and Dancing

Master. The inside title page of the same volume titles the book - Complete Quadrille

Call Book and Dancing Master.

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