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The Clog Dance Book

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The Clog Dance Book by Helen Frost $21.95


A reprint of an early 20th century instruction

manual for solo and group step dancing and

clogging. Includes sheet music with suggested

tunes for individual dances, illustrations of

dancing positions, and explanations of all

dancing terms and steps. Dances range in

difficulty from easy to advanced and are graded

within this instruction manual. Comb bound to

lie flat when opened.

Dances include: Dixie, There Was an Old Man,

Captain Jinks, Yankee Doodle, "Liza Jane, Irish

Jig, Reuben Taps, On the Railroad, On Deck, Irish

Waltz Clog, The Georgian Male Quartette,

Rastus, School Day Antics, and Dance of the


Sheet music includes: Dixie, Kentucky Home,

Listen to the Mocking Bird, There Was an Old

Man(includes lyrics), Captain Jinks(includes lyrics), Yankee Doodle, Liza Jane, Irish Washer

Woman, Reuben Taps, I've Been Working on the Railroad(with lyrics), On Deck, Irish Waltz

Clog, Georgian Male Quartette, Rastus, Dance of the Hottentots. ISBN 987-0-931877-48-3

8.5" by 11" size, 40 pages, 13 illustrations, table of contents, index - $21.95

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