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Chord Encyclopedia for 1400 Fiddle Tunes and

Country Dance Melodies

For guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin, etc


This 120 page book by Ryan Thomson contains chords

for approximately 1450 tunes, including contra, square

dance, old timey, Irish, French Canadian, Scottish,

bluegrass, and common jam session tunes, including

hoedowns, reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes, rags, and

more. Tunes are arranged alphabetically to find easily.

The format is easy to read and consists of chords

specified by capital letters and arranged in the order

of the parts of each tune.

I carry the smaller size version in my fiddle case so

that when I jam with other musicians, they'll know

what chords go best with my fiddle tunes. Guitar,

banjo, mandolin, or piano players often carry one so

that they can play along with fiddlers and other

melody instruments. When I play piano backup for

fiddlers I set a copy of my book right in front of me on

the piano so that I can read the chords and play them

right along with the fiddler or the rest of the band. The larger size has larger print for

easier reading. For information on the theory behind

chords I recommend this book.

ISBN 978-0-931877-32-2, Compact Size, 5.5" by 8.5" $18.95

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ISBN 978-0-931877-31-5, Large Print Size, 8.5" x 11" $25.95

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foreign shipping costs.

From happy customers:

Thanks alot for putting together such a great book of chords; i already have one and

wanted another for a gift.


Lowelville, Ohio

Dear Ryan,

I just wanted to let you know I received your book and have really enjoyed using it.

Several of our friends play various instruments and jam regularly. I don't play by ear or read

music well, so your book has allowed me to play along with most of the tunes they play.

Thanks so much.

C. B.

Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Thanks so much. I played music last night with a group in C. (9 fiddles, 2 mandolins and a

couple of guitars - talk about a wall of fiddles!) and one of the players had your book. I'm

one of the mando players, but your chord book is perfect to tuck in the case when we

come up against a tune we don't know.

M. J.


I'll pass on a quick story. I went to a dance camp a few summers ago in Buffalo Gap. Never

did anything like it . I'm an electronic musician, had bought a 12 string acoustic a few years

back and enjoy playing it. They were forming a waltz band at the camp and I was eager to

learn but didn't know many of the songs. The camp had a little shop filled with all things

dance, including your books, including the 1400 fiddle tunes. I bought it, and in a few days

was up and performing in a waltz band filled with guitarists and fiddlers. What a great time

that was. I'll never forget it. Thanks for making it easy to make music.

all the best,


Silver Springs, Maryland

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