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Captain Fiddles Tune Book 2

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Captain Fiddle's Tune Book 2

Review from Fiddler Magazine:

"These tune books from Ryan Thomson

provide a great collection of jigs, reels,

waltzes, and hornpipes that are easy

enough for the novice, but catchy enough

for the jaded. Nice notes on the tunes (and

occasionally lyrics) are provided. The fiddle

tune book/cassette(now CDs) sets are

recommended for the beginners out there,

and the books by themselves are highly

recommended to everyone." (more reviews

at bottom of page)


This book contains traditional dance tunes and variations with chords; hornpipes; reels;

hoedowns; jigs; and waltzes, with a story about each tune. The music is suitable for all folk

instruments, - ISBN 978-0-931877-24-7, approx 45 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", comb bound,


The tunes in Captain Fiddle's Tune Book 2 correspond with "Teach Yourself"

fiddle learning CDs 4 and 5Book and both CDs $24.95

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