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Ryan & Brennish Thomson

Updated Feb 2, 2024

Ryan’s Banjo

Ryan's cassette tapes $12.95 each

(this is a cassette version of the Great Bay Stomp CD ), Click here for a review of this recording. Tunes include: 

Great Bay Stomp, 

Over the Waterfall, 

Cold Frosty Morning, 

Old Joe Clark, 

Old Mother Flannigan, 

Packer's Falls, 

Cluck Old Hen, 

Soldier's Joy, 

Cripple Creek, 

Pair of Roses(Kerry polkas), 

Last Chance, 

Sandy River Bell, 

Kitchen Gal, 

Arkansas Traveler, 

Watch Those Eels, 

Spotted Pony, 

Tilden Park, 

June Apple. 

The CD version of this album has the additional tune - Port Largo, on it.

5 (Five) Miles to Town:

19 southern fiddle tunes by Ryan Thomson with banjo, guitar, and mandolin backup. includes: 

Arkansas Traveler, 

Soldier's Joy, 

East Tennessee Blues, 

Kitchen Gal, 


Ragtime Annie, 

Rocky Pallet, 

New Money, 

Leather Britches, 

John Henry, 

John Brown's Dream, 

5 Miles to Town, 

Sugar Hill, 

Dill Pickle Rag, 

Over the Waterfall, 

Polly's Mountain Kettle, 

Flop Eared Mule, 

Minneola Rag, 

Old Molly Hare

Dickson County Blues

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5 Miles to Town, by Ryan Thomson, cassette album cover

Tennessee Folklore Society review:

"In addition to excellent fiddling, these tapes (Five Miles to Town, Fiddling up a Storm*) feature excellent tune choice and sequencing of material. So, "which one should I pick?" you ask. That's a tough decision. Our advice: try both cassettes."

Ryan's Banjo cassette album cover

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