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A Folk Musician's Working Guide

to Chords Keys Scales and More - $21.95

For any instrument and level, violin, piano, accordion, guitar, banjo, flute, etc.

A description of the book:

by Ryan J. Thomson, 86 pages, 8.5" by

5.5", comb bound.  This book contains

an amazing amount of useful

information for rank beginners and

advanced pros alike! I extracted and

condensed the useful and practical

sections from 15 other dull and dry

music theory books and put it all into

this one volume.

I mixed in loads of practical and how-

to-do-it information that I've learned

from 35 years of making music with

other people. I originally meant the book to be for folk musicians but my classical and jazz

music friends tell me that it works well for them also! A quote from a classical friend,

"After reading your book, now I know what they were trying to teach me in my college

music theory class! I wish my teacher could have explained it this clearly."

Topics: There are many many illustrations, charts, and diagrams so that someone can

easily just look up the answer to a question without having to understand music theory.

Thus the book can be used like a dictionary or reference source. For those who like a

deeper understanding, I explain every concept in a gradual, easy to read, and friendly

manner about: forming chords, modes and scales, key signatures, circle of fifths, intervals,

transposing, musical notation, basic music theory, consonance and dissonance, sharps and

flats, rhythms, how different folk instruments can play in some keys and not others, scale

notes for every key, notes for every chord type, tuning, and much much more!

ISBN 978-0-931877-20-9 $21.95

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Fiddler's Crossing: "Fiddler's Crossings's resident theory dunce found this book quite

helpful in clearing away the fogs of mystery surrounding these topics. The fact that it was

written by a fiddler made it easier to understand, and it is written as if you were starting

from the very beginning. A very helpful book."

Dirty Linen Folk, Traditional, and World Music: "This little gem of a book is perfect for

those who may be just learning to play an instrument and wish to find an easily accessible

way of understanding the theory and structure behind the music. The book essentially

makes it easier for anyone interested in playing folk music either alone or in a group to

understand what they are playing and why. Ryan Thomson presents discussions on chord

structure, scales, keys, transposing, time signatures, and much more. It's a good start for

someone new to music and a good refresher for others who were discouraged with a heavy

handed approach to music theory. Thomson writes in a casual logical style and adds plenty

of easy to decipher diagrams."

Ex Libris NH Writers and Publishers Project: "As the wife of a musician, I have spent

countless hours listening to various musicians and would-be musicians jam in my living

room or garage. Ryan Thomson's book is a great resource for aspiring performers who are

serious enough to look past the jam session. With user friendly text, simply drawn

graphics and an unabashed enthusiasm for music, Thomson adresses (among many other

things) the complexities of chords, how folk instruments are related by keys, and the uses

of the capo - and in less than 100 pages. As the author of nine other books on music and

an acomplished player himself, Thomson is more than qualified to lead."

From happy customers:

Edward Greenberg, San Jose, California: "This is a small spiral bound work that

summarizes all the music theory that you need to know for folk music. It covers notes,

keys, chords, circle of fifths and a whole lot more. I'm an autoharp player, and it's my main

reference for all these topics. The book I reach for first."

I love this book.  I play clawhammer banjo by ear and was mystified by some things.


Port Townsend, Washington

Hi Ryan,

First, I want to greatly thank you for writing the book "A Folk Musician's Working Guide

To Chords, Keys, Scales, And More." I had put off my passion for music till "midlife" and

now I am trying to quickly learn the crucial basics while an hour glass snickers behind me.

Your book is clear, concise, greatly needed and ... approachable. Nice job.


New Hampshire

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