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Ryan & Brennish Thomson

Updated Feb 2, 2024

Fiddling Thomsons, Music for both hands - CD, $12.95

Ryan and Brennish Thomson, father and son duo. This world music album consists of 18 lively instrumental folk tunes from a variety of ethnic cultures including: England, Hungary, Ireland, USA, Sweden, Scotland, Germany, French Canada, and Tex/Mex. (Texas/Mexico)


They play 11 different folk instruments, including twin fiddles, accordion, frotoire, wooden flute, banjo, wooden spoons, seed pods, beatbox, keyboard, pennywhistle, and cajun triangle.


1. Scottish - Lord MacDonald’s Reel, “Leather   Britches,” 2:11

2. French Canadian set - Gaspe, La Bastringue, Pays de Haut, 5:02

3. Irish - Egan’s, Rattlin Bog, (Kerry polkas) 2:40

4. Hungarian - Friss Czardas, “Fast Dance,” 2:46

5. Swedish - Gärdebylåten, a Ganglat “Walking Tune,” 2:56

6. USA - Kitchen Gal, a southern square dance tune, 2:10

7. Irish - Connaughtman’s, My Darling Asleep, Morrison’s, jigs, 4:38

8. English - None Such, dance tune from the 1600’s, 1:43

9. USA - Rag Time Annie, Bluegrass,  2:12

10. Canadian - Ookpik “Eskimo” Waltz, 3:06

11. Irish - Trip to Durrow, a reel, 3:42

12. French cajun - Bayou Two Step, 3:04

13. Scottish - The Mason’s Apron, a reel, 2:17

14. Tex/Mex polka - Sean’s Squeezebox, by Ryan Thomson, 1:25

15. USA - Soldier’s Joy, a southern square dance tune, 2:11

16. German - Huntsman’s Chorus, 2:14

17. French cajun - Lake Arthur Stomp, 3:13

18. USA - Dickson County Blues, a Tennessee fiddle tune, 2:37


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Visit the Fiddling Thomsons web page for more information about the duo.




From Celtic Beat Magazine, September 2011:


Music For Both Hands

Fiddling Thomsons


This is one family album I truly dig the most. The continuity of a family is a truly religious thing and it is doubled when there is more thanDNA. That's what makes this CD so great. I have known Ryan Thomson since antediluvian times(back in the late 1970s I recollect) and I have watched the path to this CD through the years with the coming of age of his son Brennish. They truly make a great team and when you hear them live or hear this CD you really get the notion of the root and the branch, of family tree, in the truest sense.


Now for the music that binds this father son team together. The music of the Thomsons is that of a seisiun, of a dance that is fun and informal, inviting, like their recent performances at the Nashua Public Library and the Downtown Stroll we were at. Particular favorites here were cut 2with"La Bastringue"/"Pays de Haut," And where Ryan, builds upon his longtime affinity with Tex Mex and Cajun , in his own composition "Sean's Squeezebox"and in"Bayou Two Step."


Another clear sign of the versatility of this duo is in the strident and powerfulEnglish tune(reminding me of Breton works) "Nonesuch" from the 1600s. And the Hungarian "Friss Czardas." Ryan Thomson performs with both ease and spirit and that he has imparted also to his son, at an early age a musician to watch.Added to this international and also very American repertoire are classics of Irish and Scots music, two being "Connaughtman's"/"My Darling Asleep”/“Morrison's" jigs and "The Mason's Apron" respectively, just to name two.


I have to mention that in addition to great music inside, this CD's physical persona is a great cover and a family album of the Fiddling Thomsons on the inside. What a true link of the root and the branch.


AK, Celtic Beat

Fiddling Thomsons, Music for both hands, CD front cover

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