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Ryan & Brennish Thomson

Updated Feb 2, 2024

Accordion, Jam Session Style, First Lesson

with Ryan Thomson -$29.95

DVD Description:

Accordion, Jam Session Style, First Lesson with Ryan Thomson, video instruction DVD, 51 minutes.

This first lesson is designed for beginners with no previous experience with accordion playing. No music reading ability is needed. A piano accordion is required. Ryan demonstrates playing techniques used commonly in jam sessions, such as accompanying singers, fiddlers and other instrumentalists.

He shows how to play rhythm accompaniment similar to that which a guitarist would use. Ryan demonstrates techniques including: right hand chord rhythms; left hand basses; working the bellows; and how-to-do-it music theory such as using the "circle of fifths." 51 minutes. DVD           ISBN 978-0-931877-49-0       $29.95

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Ryan Thomson won a Boston Music Award Nomination for his accordion playing with his band - the Crawdad Wranglers . You can watch a video of him playing on the Crawdad Wranglers page. His accordion playing can also be heard on the CDs Chicken Gumbo, and Chile !

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