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Left Handed Fiddling for Beginners $29.95

Although written music is included you can easily learn how to play fiddle without reading

music with this video - book method.

A "Teach Yourself" method for the basics of

traditional fiddling, by Ryan Thomson. This course

is designed for those playing a left handed violin

with reversed strings, and bowing with their left

hand. No music reading ability is required.

Learners are shown the steps to playing dance

style fiddle tunes on the 80 minute instructional

DVD. The book supplements the video examples

with both tablature and written music. The

course offers many tips for the mechanics of

bowing, fingering, and tuning the fiddle. In

addition are sections on how to practice

efficiently, how to learn by ear, how to use

written music, and many other tips and

techniques useful to fiddlers. Book - ISBN

0-931877-44-x , DVD - ISBN 978-0-931877-44-5,


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- More fiddling instruction: Irish Fiddle Left Handed Style. Click here.

- Have questions about left handed violin playing? I recommend this resource book:

Playing Violin and Fiddle Left Handed. Click here for more information.


"Hello, we just this moment rec’d the above book! Thank you so very much for such super

fast shipping. The book & dvd are Christmas gifts for our son who injured his hand quite

badly 18 years ago. Prior to that time, E. played violin in a bluegrass gospel group. He had

been in the group since the age of 12 and was a member for 14 years. He’s never played

since; but recently as he says….”I just felt a spark of interest getting back into playing

again.” That ‘spark’ has grown dramatically.  Again, thank you and your staff for sending us

Left Handed Fiddling at this time. Your efforts will make our son’s Christmas one to be

remembered! May God bless all of you abundantly. C. M."

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