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Updated Feb 2, 2024

           Piano Accompaniment to Fiddlers

                    with Ryan Thomson - $29.95


DVD and CD Description:

 This video course is for beginners with no previous experience with piano accompaniment or backup to fiddlers. Old timers called this "vamping." No music reading ability is needed. However experienced players in other styles of piano music can benefit as well as those new to playing piano. 


 A piano or keyboard is required. A practice CD is included so that you can play along on your keyboard with the fiddler(Ryan) on the CD. Ryan demonstrates and explains several different rhythm variations, chord progressions,  and playing techniques used to accompany a a 4/4 reel in the common key of D. 


Topics include: major scale, constructing chords, chord inversions, right and left hand patterns, rhythms, walking bass lines, syncopation, and fingerings. The techniques can be used for fiddle styles including contra and square dancing, Irish and Scottish ceili, fiddle contests, and jam sessions. The DVD is 62 minutes. DVD ISBN 978-0-931877-50-6


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A very useful accessory to this video is The Chord Encycyclopedia for 1400 Fiddle Tunes and Country Dance Melodies. which you can use to practice your chord progressions and familiarize yourself with commonly played fiddle tunes. 


Additionally, The Folk Musicians Working Guide is recommended for those wishing to learn more about the music theory behind accompaniment. 


Customer Comments:


Extremely good, just what I was looking for. Accordion player was asking me to learn the descending and ascending bass. Perfect, not easy but could be learned. - You Tube comment from "mairforde"


Hi captain fiddle!

I'm Matteo from Italy. I already have your dvd on piano accompaniment and I would like to know if you are going to realise the level 2......

thanks so much U R GREAT




Dear Ryan:

I am really enjoying your Piano Accompaniment to Fiddlers. I have been playing Clawhammer banjo @ dances for a long time and decided to take up piano a few years ago. Your DVD is really helping and there is a wealth of stuff to learn in there. So any way good job.

D. S.


Good morning Ryan!

I am interested in getting a copy of your DVD on piano vamping for fiddle accompaniment. I did want to inquire first if the DVD explains how to do all of the fancy finger work for the left hand as seen in your Youtube video. I have watched the video hundreds of times, and there seems to be so much more than just playing the left hand bass in octaves. The bass runs in octaves as well as individual notes really lends a special opulence to the music, and I have no idea where to start with this. Will this be explained in the DVD? 



YES, everything I do in the video is explained in my instructional DVD, Ryan

Piano Accompaniment to Fiddlers with Ryan Thomson, video DVD box cover

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