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Updated Feb 2, 2024

Moores Irish Melodies book $22.95

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This book contains selections from the Moore's edition of 1852. It is suitable for piano and voice and includes both bass and treble clefs for most selections. There is music of O'Carolan, dance tunes, aires, and harmonized vocal arrangements by Thomas Moore, who lived from 1780 - 1852. The tunes are labeled in the book both with the the traditional Irish tune names, and also the new names he gave them after composing words for them. 8.5" x 11" comb bound to open flat. 

ISBN 978-0-931877-27-8, $22.95


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Table of Contents:


Biographical Sketch of Thomas Moore

Prefatory Remarks by Sir John Stevenson

Moore's Song Titles in Book:


1. Come, Send Around The Wine

2. Silent, Oh Moyle, Be The Roar Of Thy Water, Song Of Fionnuala

3. Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old 

4. Eveleen's Bower 

5. I'd Mourne The Hopes That Leave Me

6. As Slow Our Ship

7. Oh! For The Swords Of Former Time

8. Oh! Had We Some Bright Little Isle

9. Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded

10. Oh! Where's The Slave

11. Tis Believ'd That This Harp, Which I Wake Now For Thee, The Origin Of The Harp

12. It is Not The Tear At This Moment Shed

13. Through Grief And Through Danger, The Irish Peasant To His Mistress

14. Oh! 'Tis Sweet To Think

15. Night Closed Around, After The Battle

16. When Daylight Was Yet Sleeping Under The Billow, Ill Omens

17. Sublime Was The Warning Which Liberty Spoke

18. Forget Not The Field


Corresponding Traditional Tune Names:


1. We Brought The Summer With Us

2. My Dear Eveleen

3. The Red Fox

4. The Pretty Girl Of Derby, O

5. The Rose Tree

6. The Girl I Left Behind Me

7. Name Unknown

8. Sheela Na Guira

9. Sly Patrick

10. Sios Agus Sios Liom

11. The Old Woman

12. Gage Fane

13. The Sixpence

14. I Once Had A True Love

15. Thady, You Gander

16. Paddy's Resource

17. The Black Joke


Instrumental Selections(no lyrics) in Book:


Carolan's Concerto

Cean Dubh Delish

Planxty Drury

Captain Magan

Planxty Johnstone

The Snowy-Breasted Pearl

Shamama Hulla

The Beardless Boy

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