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Ballroom to Hell

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From the Ballroom to Hell

A book written in 1894 about the "evils" of dancing - $8.95

A Description:

A Dancing Masters Experience, by T. A. Faulkner,

and published by the Pentecostal Publishing Co.

This is a reprint of the original handbook edition

from 1894 which was written by a reformed

dancing "master," or teacher.The book is

illustrated with cartoons depicting "ruined"

women, and preaches about the "evils" of

waltzing and ballroom dancing.

Here's a sample quote:

"One may work six days in the week and arise

fresh every morning, but let him attend a dance

for only a few hours each evening and see what

will occur. Health and Vigor vanish like the dew

before the sun. It is not the exercise which harms

the dancer in mind and body, but the coming in

such close contact with the opposite sex. Did you

ever know a lady who danced to excess, to live to be over twenty-five years in age?"

A perfect humorous gift for the dancers on your list. $8.95

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