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Zydeco, Blues and Boogie, CD


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Zydeco, Blues and Boogie, [Gumbo CD 001]

by Ryan Thomson,

This recording is a collection of music from a variety of zydeco and blues performers.

According to the press release the tunes were "culled from the vaults" of Lanor records in

Churchpoint, Louisiana. The album features local performers such as Roy Carriere, Nolton

Semian, Dalton Reed, and Donald Jacob. The music is heavy in accordion, along with blues

guitar and vocals. Its the kind of music you would hear if you stopped into a contemporary

zydeco club in southern Louisiana. Its not rock and roll with cajun instruments merely

added in. Its not overly polished or pretentious. Its not designed for national radio airplay.

This style of music is designed for one thing: to get up and boogie to!

Some lyrics are in cajun French and several songs have the traditional zydeco "call and

response" structure. My review copy didn't include liner notes or information on who sung

which songs, but the music had a consistent feel, despite the assorted artists. My only

disappointment was that some of the tunes ended a little too quickly to use this recording

as a dance party tape. (We don't get much authentic zydeco music in New Hampshire, and I

can only afford to visit Louisiana once a year)

Collectors, dancers, and new listeners will find this recording a worthwhile addition to their


As one of the vocalists on the album sings out, "I can't get enough - of that zydeco stuff!"

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1998