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Updated Feb 2, 2024

Selling Violins on the Internet

By Ryan Thomson


An email inquiry, November 19, 1997:



A friend of mine has 2 violin very old and of a famous brand. She want to know how to announce in the Internet to try to sell them. Do you have any suggestion to give us? I live in Brazil and I would be glad to be helped. 

Thanks in advance.


Dear M.

I don't think that the internet is a good place to sell violins, particularly famous brands. I don't even think the internet is a good place to announce that you have them for sale, unless you have your own web page. There are many opportunities for dishonest people to do mischief.


I would instead contact several different professional violin dealers and announce to them that your violins are for sale. Let them use the internet if they so desire, to help sell your violins for you.


Best of Luck,

Ryan Thomson


 An email reply to my article, May 31, 1998:


I beg to differ with you on selling violins on the internet. I have sold over 1000 of them in the last 3 years. I either get a money order up front or send them cod. Be honest about what you are selling. I have never had a complaint or one returned for any reason.


Mr. R


My reply to Mr. R, May 31, 1998:


The extremely big difference between you and the person who asked my advice about selling her violin on the internet is that you have sold over 1000 of them as a professional dealer and she is an individual person with no experience in violin dealing. In your case, no problem, in her case, I stand by my advice.


R. Thomson


 This article written by Ryan Thomson, 2001

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