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Honk if you like our music!

by Ryan Thomson

June 7, 1998 - Southbridge Concert, at the town common in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

The Crawdad Wranglers performed a cajun and zydeco concert under cover of a large

gazebo on several acres of green lawn. We were discouraged at first because of the rain,

but the common was situated in such a way that automobiles were able to line both sides

of the common to face the stage.

A few brave souls were in front of the stage dancing in the rain, but a count of

approximately 250 people in their cars were also actively enjoying the performance. We

discovered this immediately after our first song when there was a clamoring of car horns

and flashing headlights! It was a different type of audience applause than we were used to,

and quite fun.

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1997