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Ryan and Brennish


Grand Rapids Irish Ceili, 1997

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Thursday Night Ceili Dance

This community Irish dance group meets every thursday in downtown Grand Rapids. They

often have live music and the night that I attended a local band consisting of fiddle, guitar,

hammered dulcimer, and bodhran was providing lively jigs and reels. A dance teacher

walked beginners through set dances and taught figures and steps. There were also

experienced dancers present, and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.

The group was very friendly and welcoming, band and dancers alike. I sat in and played

some tunes with the band, and enjoyed watching the dancers learn new dance steps. After

the dance, a group of dancers and musicians went to a local tavern for food and and a pint.

I picked up a flyer on the way out which contained information with a humorous bent:

"Irish Ceili dance, social comedy, and aerobic workout hour"

No partner, rhythm, or dance experience needed

Meets every Thursday evening 7:-8:30pm at the 6th Street Hall

For inquiries, contact Mike McGuire 616-735-1891, Sheila McGuire 616-459-5903, or David and

Loise O'Donnell 616-361-5946.

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1997