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Great Bay Folklife Festival, NH,


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Great Bay Folklife Festival

by Ryan Thomson

For two years in a row, 1990, 1991, I helped produce a local folk festival. It was an ambitious

undertaking. I was in charge of the dance portion of the festival, and others worked on the

performance end. It was a weekend event, and took place at the Newmarket High school. I

organized many participatory dance events t including Scottish and English country

dancing, contras, squares, cajun, zydeco, swing/jitterbug, clogging, Swedish, Irish, English

morris, and more. All of the musicians and organizers donated their time. I was

combination sound man, stage manager, clean up crew, etc. We had a small dedicated

group of volunteers to take tickets, give directions, etc. I'd like to sincerely thank

everyone who contributed.

Participating performers at the dance stage in 1991 included:

Maple Sugar Band: Marcel Robidas, John Saucier, Bill Zecker, Clair Mattin

Open to Suggestion: Aram Hollman, Sandy Pliskin, Marianne Taylor

David Bateman

O-Tones: Mary Witt, Rick Ruggles

Creaggach: David Levine, Bill Thomas

Roy Planalp, Anne Deminov, Nancy Penney

Sylvia Miskoe & The Strathspey and Reel Society

Two Fiddles; Dudley Laufman, Jacqueline Gilman

Crawdad Wranglers: Steve Brown, Brian Richardson, Jeff Lind, Paul Mangion, Ryan Thomson

Tina Van Roggan

Cathy Mason

Beth Eldridge

Bill Perry

Lamprey River Band: Rick McAulay, Steve Panish, Peter Yarensky, Sarah Hydorn, David


Lisa Greenleaf

Sarah Nelson

Lee Breslow

Magnolia: Chris Ash, Maggy Moniz, Richie Moniz, Michele Kaminsky, Alan Bradbury

Cindy Larock

Ray Salvo

Mary-Sarah Berger

Swing Pirates: Ryan Thomson, Paul Mangion, John Fransoza, Kathy Zimpfer

Mary DesRosiers

Nat Hewitt

Bob McQuillen

Steve Vorhees

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1992