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Updated Feb 2, 2024

Fox Hollow Folk Festival


By Ryan Thomson


I attended this legendary festival during one of the last years that it was held. I'm not sure of the exact dates, but I believe it was in the late 70's, early 80's. Perhaps someone else who was there could refresh my memory. I never made it to the main stage to watch any performers but spent my entire time in the onsite campground making music in numerous jam sessions. I didn't learn until later that this had been considered one of the best of the eastern US festivals for traditional music. I had heard about it through the folk music grapevine as a good place to meet other musicians. I certainly enjoyed myself there! I met my friend Dann Neubauer there for the first time. He is a fine fiddler from Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, whom I see occasionally at festivals around Philadelphia.



I received this letter on May 1, 1999:



So lovely to see your site. As I write this I am overlooking the amphitheater 

of Fox Hollow. I live on the property and am always interested in any memories of the place. My understanding is that the festival ran from 1969-1982. The Rensselaer County Historical Society has more than 300 audio tapes recorded at the festivals and hundred of black and white photos. They can be reached at 518-272-7232.


All the best,

M. R. S.


This review written by Ryan J Thomson, 1999

Addendum in 2021 - I’m leaning towards 1981 as the date that I attended the festival. I found out later on that I was actually camped in the performer’s campground, which is why the jams were of high quality. I had no need to watch performers on stage when I could jam with them in person!

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