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Dances frae the North Vols. 1 &

2 tape review

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Dances Frae the North Vols. 1 & 2

by Ryan Thomson

The best part about this tape is the wide variety of Scottish traditional music represented.

The recording, directed by Barbara McOwen, is a compilation of music from members of

ceilidh bands from both coasts, The players reassort in various instrumental combinations

providing dance sets, a song, Shetland reels and creative arrangements of standard tunes.

Selections include: Gay Gordons, Lord Huntly's Cave, Katie Bairdie, Brochan Lom, Polly Put

the Kettle On, Some Say the Divil's Deid, The Stool of Repentence, Balmoral, The Iron Man,

Kirrie Kebbuck, Reel of the Royal Scots, Lexy McAskill, Sound of Sleat, Kiss the Train

Goodbye, Mountain Skies, Jeannie Shock da Bairn, Jack Broke da Prison Door, Boannie Isle

o'Whalsey, Lord Blantyre, High Road to Linton, Hay for the Hielan' Body, Reel of the

Blackcocks, Drops of Brandy, Frolicksome Paddy, Brose and Butter, and The Far Awa'


This tape is essential for the Scottish music listener's collection, and would be an excellent

reference recording for up and coming dance musicians. I've played the recording over and

over, with every listening providing more pleasant surprises with the fine musicianship.

note from Ryan: I don't know if this recording is still available. Perhaps a reader could let

me know?

Written by Ryan Thomson 1997