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Blackford fiddle group

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Blackford Fiddle Group


My colleague, Hugh Smith, was in touch with you a few months ago on the subject of left-handed fiddlers. I don't

know how much he said about the background but the topic arose out of a fiddle group which I run in Blackford,

Perthshire ( Blackford's sole claim to fame is that it's

where Highland Spring mineral water is bottled).

I've been trying to establish a culture through the village primary school in which playing

the fiddle is regarded as a part of normal life rather than something exotic which especially talented people do.

It's been pretty interesting in many ways but, to come to the point, I've set up a web

site as part of the process of keeping them all involved and interested.

Peter Cope

Note from Ryan: My hat is off to Peter and the Blackford Fiddle Group!

posted 2002