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Ryan and Brennish


Ashokan, Northern Week, 2001

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Ashokan Fiddle and Dance

By Ryan Thomson

I've attended Ashokan for many years, and have sampled several different weeks including

Western and Swing and Old Time and Cajun. I attended "Northern Week" at Ashokan this

year. The music and dance focus for this week is French Canadian, Scandanavian, English

Country dance music, and New England music and dance. Because of the New England

influence, many students and staff are also fluent in Irish and Scottish music. Jam sessions

are numerous and go to all hours.

An added bonus is Jay Ungar's "experimental" band class, which is a highlight of the Ashokan

experience for me. Jay assembles a large group of various instrumentalists into an

orchestra that performs a "piece" at the end of the week, which can include bits and pieces

of music from almost any possible tradition or non-tradition.

I sampled several classes including French Canadian and Swedish fiddle, Experimental band,

piano, and various dance classes. All of the teachers are experienced, encouraging, and


Here's a list of nice Ashokan features. There are many more than I've listed here:

Three great "home style" meals a day, plus an 11 pm snack including both healthy fruits and

vegatables, and bowls full of yummy things like M&Ms with peanuts.

Joke night where people gather to exchange jokes for hours

Several families brought kids along, and there were efforts to organise activities for them.

Areas to camp out in tents, or RVs.

Both indoor and outdoor showers. Its fun to take a shower out in the open air on a sunny

day. (They are separated by sex)

Late night saunas heated by wood stove are great after many hours of dancing and playing


Plenty of jam session areas, and weather appropriate for outdoor music making much of

the time.

A nice outdoor roofed dance floor with excellent sound system.

The ratio of men to women at the camp is kept balanced to better insure the availability of

dance partners.

Because of the multiude of both: dance classes; and instrument classes, its possible to

play or dance 8 - 10 hours a day if one so desires. Instrument class include accordian, piano,

fiddle, bass, guitar, flute, tin whistle, mandolin, etc., and other instruments of all types

are also welcomed.

for more information visit the Ashokan web site.