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Saturday Night Fiddler CD

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This CD accompanies the Fiddler's Almanac

and can also be purchased separately, CD - $9.95

Fiddle tunes played solo by Ryan Thomson

1. Ryan's Rag, by Ryan Thomson - a fiddle rag,


2. Smash the Windows, Off She Goes - jigs,


3. Ducks on the Pond - american tune, 1:50

4. Stuart Longbow - american old time tune,


5. Bay of Fundy - French Canadian reel, 2:50

6. Eskimo Waltz - american waltz, 4:17

7. Fisher's, Staten Island, Harvest Home - 3

hornpipes, 4:17

8. Dixon County Blues, 1:46

9. Jack Danielson's Reel - american, 2:40

10. Snowflake Reel - Canadian, 2:27

11. Molly Put the Kettle On- american, 2:30

12. Flax in Bloom - Irish reel, 2:33

13. Sole's Reel, by Ryan Thomson, 1:59

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From happy customers:

Loved the c.d. Because we listen to Bluegrass every Saturday night after Prairie Home

Companion, our son was given the Saturday Night Fiddler, which he thought was very

special. George got the cajun and I, got much more perfect could it have


Thank you so much!


November 16, 2000

...Also, on a personal note, I have befriended a classical violin teacher here in

Switzerland who is giving me free lessons now so that I can learn a few "proper

techniques". In turn, I am showing her how to improvise, some fiddling bowing action,

and playing rhythm guitar while she tries her hand at country fiddling. It is a great

arrangement. Yesterday I let her hear my copy of your solo fiddling CD and she

absolutely loved it. I also lent her my copy of the Fiddler's Almanac, which she loves,

and I will be giving her the second copy I bought from you as a gift when I return to

Europe in December. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me bring a little of the good

old music back to Europe. Wait till they hear the banjo in January. I am bringing it back

with me on the plane as well. With the help of your CD and book, I should be claw

hammering in no time!

Yours Truly,