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SAMW camp dance

By Ryan Thomson

On the stage are the "SAMW Allstars," a country dance band made up of student musicians

from the music week attendees. I'm wearing a dark shirt at the foot of the stage with a

large white name tag on the front. I'm calling a large circle dance and a portion of the circle

is visible showing dancers doing a "right hand star." I called the evening dances throughout

the week and coached the enthusiastic student dance band in daily rehearsals. We had a

great hardwood dance floor . Thanks to Cece Borjeson for sending me the photo!

I also taught the beginning guitar class throughout the week, and at the last night, my class

gave a little concert to show off their hard work and progress during the week! Other fine

instructors on staff included: Bob Franke, Robert Jones, Jody Stecher, Kate Brislin, David

Surette, Linda Waterfall, Guy Davis, Feyda Epstein, Bennett Hammond, Lorraine Lee

Hammond, and John Gotthardt. A strong point of SAMW camp is the opportunity for expert

coaching in the craft of on-stage performance of folk music.

This annual camp takes place at a beautiful lake side location at Geneva Point Center in

scenic New Hampshire. For more information visit the website.

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1997