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Ryan and Brennish


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From a reader:

Hi Ryan,

I received your book a few months ago. Thank you, it made for fantastic reading. My

first acquaintance with the violin was over thirty years ago, when at age 7 or 8 my parents

got me started with lessons. I persisted with it for 3 or 4 years, never really enjoying it or

getting any good at playing. Incidentally, I am left handed and was learning the

conventional (right handed way).

Fast forward to 8 months ago. I decided to pick it up again. I deliberated for a couple of

months over whether I should learn left or right handed. Despite much discouragement

from 'violin experts', I decided to shell out a couple of thousand for a brand new Gliga

violin made left handed.

I've made more progress in 8 months as a 40 year old, than I had in 4 years as a kid. So, I

feel my decision to learn left handed is vindicated. Your book has added to my belief that

I made the right choice in learning left handed. Mind you, I agree with you that one can

learn either handed. For some people it is easier than others.

G. A.

A Review by Writer's Digest Book Awards of "Playing Violin and Fiddle Left Handed, by Ryan


"Judge's commentary:

1. What did you like best about this book?

It's a unique peek into the world of musical

performance! His questions and answers were practical.

He clearly knows his stuff. Clever use of graphics were

both helpful and entertaining. Tidbits about famous and

not-so-famous musicians were a treat! (As a left hander,

I enjoyed reading the insights into my leftie world.) I found the large print and lay flat

binding appealing. Though this isn't sheet music, the choice seems fitting for the topic."

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