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Great Bay Stomp reviews

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Great Bay Stomp Reviews and Response

"On this release, Ryan puts fiddle and band behind, and lays out 19 tracks of rock solid,

solo, traditional clawhammer banjo...All are played confidently, evenly, and with a

maturity that comes from living with the music over time...The impression this recording

gives is that of Thomson at home, relaxing with familiar tunes, and just having a

comfortable time....Great Bay Stomp is a solid, pleasing and highly listenable homemade

recording that stands up well through repeated listening"......The Old-Time Herald

"Hey there,

Well awwwright!!!! Great CD. I am really impressed with Packers have lots of talent. I play old timey banjo, and I am always

interested in hearing fellow players. I like the sound you have, did you

record that in a studio? ........  Anyhow...have you any Tab books of your music? I would

gladly buy one. What type of banjo do you play? keep on keepn' on,"



Just got your CD, very nice. Any more banjo solo's in the future?

Play some myself and love listening to others."

E. S.

"Ryan: Received CD today and am listening to it as I write. LOVE IT !!!

Oh how I wish I could play that good. Thanks a million for the quick turnaround."


"Hi there. I bought your CD a few weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying it

(it's playing on my computer as I write this). Anyway, I was just

wondering if you've ever published the tab for these tunes? I really

like your arrangements, and I haven't found enough books with clawhammer

tab to keep me happy. I like Ken Perlman's books, but I'd like to do

the kinds of arrangements you've recorded, rather than the heavier focus

on melodic style (even though I like that too). Anyway, if you have anything you could

share with (or sell to) me on this, I'd sure appreciate it. :-)"

"Thanks for a great CD -- it got me all the way to Boston and back this

past weekend!"


"Hi, Ryan-

Received the CD today- (ordered it for my roommate) he loves the music!

He's just learning to play open-back/clawhammer banjo, so any source of

inspiration is welcome!"

"Hi Ryan,

I received your CD today and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a good selection of

tunes, and your playing is wonderfully clean and good to hear. That Washburn

sounds really crisp with a great tone."


Hi, I just ordered your Great Bay Stomp tab book (I already own the CD and really enjoy it).


San Francisco, California

Hi Ryan,

I got your CD a few days ago, so the shipping was very fast!

It´s a nice CD, good no-extra-frills old-time sound! Of different banjo

styles I like most clawhammer and Irish tenor, so I'm happy to have your CD.

Clawhammer solo albums are not especially numerous...;-)


Helsinki, Finland


I am a purchaser of your Great Bay Bay Stomp CD and Tab and have since learned many of

the tunes. It is a really great CD and I continue to enjoy it very much, especially when

playing it on my Honda Goldwing while cruising down the road.


Bremerton, Washington

Dear Ryan, i loved your C.D. it was great, I have been listening to it alot. anyone into good

clawhammer music should hear this album. thanks again.

M. E.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi Ryan, heard your music, inspired, bought a open backed

banjo, and being taught "clawhammer drop thumb" way

of playing. thank you for "getting me goin" glad you

like our music god bless

K. W.

Wales, UK

Fast delivery and the clawhammer CD is awesome...well worth the money!!!

Hi, I really enjoyed Great Bay Stomp CD! It is hard to find good clawhammer solo work--I

really dug it. I was trying to figure out what tuning you were playing "Cold Frosty Morning",

because I only know how to play it in the "sawmill tuning".




The CD arrived and it is a lot of fun to listen to. I am relearning frailing

after many years of playing bluegrass. More recently I am playing Irish Tenor

banjo mainly to get back to my roots. Old Time seems to fit right in.

M. K.

Received it today, and it is great!


Yakima, Washington

I recently bought the Great Bay Stomp CD from you and love it.



OK got the CD. Its perfect. Just the simple. old timey, easy to hear music and a great

selection of songs...some of my favorites and a few tunes new to me. Question: Do you

publish the tablature to this CD? Would sure like to get it so I can use this to practice




Las Vegas, NV

Hi Ryan,

Just wanted to let you know that I like your CD very much!  I wish when I got it that I had

known you had a tab book to go with it!  Bet I would like that, too.  Hope the check

arrived OK and that you are having a good vacation.


C. T.

I'm really enjoying my cd and just ordered your book to it. this is really

great and look forward to many more cds you have. (Great Bay Stomp)

thank you,

D. P.

Dayton, Ohio

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