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The Fiddler's Almanac

The original source book for fiddling, published in 1985


American Library Association -"This informative and highly readable book is an excellent

sourcebook for all would-be fiddle players and a source of further information and

reference for players who wish to increase their knowledge and repertoire."

Tennessee Folklore Society -"This attractive and useful book is long overdue...While there

is a wealth for fiddlers of all levels, this book should be a godsend for the beginner who

usually can be seen rushing around in all directions desperately seeking sources of

information ranging from tips to beginners to sources for records and instruction books."

Bluegrass Unlimited - "Thomson is at his best when he's sharing information about the

"nuts and bolts" of fiddling: how to buy a fiddle and get your money's worth; how to learn

fiddling by ear and from printed music; how to make the most of practice time; how to

find other musicians to play with."

American Musical Instrument Society - "The Fiddler's Almanac is a compendium of

everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about fiddling."

Sweet Potato - "The Fiddler's Almanac is just loaded with an incredible potpourri of stuff

surrounding the instrument.There are playing tips for the novice, suggestions on buying an

instrument, and dozens of anecdotes about fiddles and their players. But most of all it's a

sourcebook with over 800 listings of organizations, recordings and source materials nicely

categorized within a sea of wonderful illustrations....This book is a necessity for the fiddle


Frets - "Its the kind of book loaded with so many tasty, obscure facts that even a casual

skim will always turn up something to hold your interest."

Kschier Brothers - " It's terrific. Very entertaining, informative and even inspiring. You've

done an excellent job from cover to cover."

The Hornpipe - " Where else are you going to find 10 Swedish fiddle tunes, an article on

Nicole Paganini and the general rules of the National Old time Fiddler's Contest in Weiser,

Idaho, all between the same two book covers? Nowhere. Those little gems are the sorts of

information that make this a fascinating compilation of fiddle lore.... If you're not a

fiddler, this book probably will make you want to become one."

Rambles, Cultural Arts Magazine - " Parts of The Fiddler's Almanac are fun just to sit back

and read. Thomson has a pleasant, conversational style of imparting facts, often quoting

famous and obscure fiddlers in the field to make points and add color. Other sections are

intended more for reference only; they don't make good browsing, but they're handy to

have when you need the facts. If you're a fiddler or just a fan who wants to know more

than the basic "draw the bow across the strings to make sound," this is an excellent

resource to keep on your shelf."

Description of The Fiddler's Almanac

This book was written by Ryan J. Thomson, 138 pages, 8.5" by 11", This collectors edition is

hard bound with a red colored premium library grade cover and a gold stamped spine. Also

included is the CD Saturday Night Fiddler, a collection of solo fiddle tunes by Ryan


From happy customers:

I'm retired, and I enjoy music as a student. I must say that I really enjoyed your book,

"Fiddler's Almanac.......I was amazed how jam packed with facts, stories, varied articles

and down right good info."


Aston, PA


I received the Fiddler's Almanac in today's mail. I got so engrossed in it that I am just now

getting this acknowledgement off to you. I am enjoying the heck out of the wide variety


information you have compiled and the anecdotal stories are great fun! By the way, a


friend of mine is mentioned several times in your book. His name is Byron Berline.



Howdy Captain Fiddle! - I recently got the high bid on a copy of your fiddler's almanac.

Anyhow..... I just finished reading your fine book and just wanted to tell you how much I

enjoyed every page. I'm 28 years old and just started playing the fiddle this year and I can't

believe how happy it has made me. Your book has even managed to make me even more

excited about fiddle music! I've played guitar and mandolin for years (and made a few too)

and I can tell that the fiddle will continue to be a bigger and bigger part of my life. My

fears of beginning the instrument too late in life have been happily subdued with every

practice session, every perusal of your book, and every time I listen to the music. Thanks

for sharing all your information and putting it all

together so nicely. I don't mean to ramble on - just thought you'd like to know that your

book did its job. You made a fellow fiddler very happy.

Thanks again and take care,


The price for both book and CD is: $29.95

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